Why I Opened Quantum Floats

Quantum Floats is now open in Bedminster, NJ!

Of all the questions people ask me, the one that comes up the most is why I decided to open a float center. Having spent the last 5 years building a corporate law firm from a solo practice to a firm that employs more than 10 attorneys, people are naturally curious why I decided to open a float center. I can certainly understand why they would be since those two endeavors seem unrelated.

Having been asked this question hundreds of times, you would think the question would be easy to answer. Yet, the three years it has taken me to open the float center has been a journey in finding an answer to that question – not for the people who ask, but for myself.

My experiences with floating and the classes offered by the Mental Arts Network has been an exploration of my own thinking and the ways I relate to people. Along the way, I recognized that what I believe to be real affects how I perceive things. For me, this was a very sobering thought and one with vast implications because each instance where something I believe is real (my internal reality) does not line up with what is actually happening in the external reality is a blind spot that prevents me from seeing things as they are. The same of course is true for everyone. We all have thought patterns that affect our personal and professional lives in ways much more profound than any external influence. Unfortunately, the tools people currently have at their disposal to resolve issues – including hiring a coach or seeing a counselor- are lacking.

Opening the float center is a way for me to pay forward what I know and offer people a way to better understand their own thinking so that they can resolve issues for themselves. In the course of this journey, what initially seemed to me to be a disconnected turn in my career path is actually a progression toward filling a role in the community.

Ken Kaplan, Esq., Owner of Quantum Floats

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