About Floating


The environment   The float tank is a unique environment because it is designed to  limit the stimuli to the senses. During a float, the body relaxes and the  brain circuitry that is usually spent processing sight, sound, gravity and temperature becomes  available for other purposes. This environment is a stark contrast to everyday life where our eyes and ears  are bombarded by signs and electronic screens and hundreds of messages and sounds. Where our minds chatter away about all the stimuli around us.   The effects of floating on body and mind must be experienced to appreciate. It may take a few sessions for you to relax completely. It may take years to  explore the programming within one’s own biocomputer and to see its effects, but this can be more quickly accomplished in the float tank, where the body is physically isolated from external reality. .     To help our clients navigate and to take advantage of this kind of awareness in their daily lives, both in and out of the float tank, Quantum provides trained staff who can answer questions about your float sessions,  and offers a series of workshops.

Gravity.  With close to 1000 pounds of epsom salt mixed into 10 inches of water, your body floats effortlessly and relaxes completely.  Floating limits the external stimulation from gravity on your body and mind.

Temperature.  The water in the tank is heated to skin temperature, approximately 93.5 degrees.  Floating limits stimulation from external temperature changes on your body.

Light.  The tank has no light, offering your mind a break from the constant visual stimulation in our modern world.

Sound.  The tank is designed to eliminate as much external sound as possible.  This creates a unique environment, away from phones, the media, and other everyday noise.  By limiting external sensory stimulation, floating relaxes your body and frees up mental circuitry.