Intro to the Art of Rewriting Seminar

John C. Lilly wrote: “Once a program is written it becomes the rule of our lives until recognized and changed”. 

  • Do you know what programming rules your life?
  • Do you want to find out?
  • Would you like to acquire tools so you are free to change limits in your thinking?
  • If you do our Introduction to the Art of Rewriting is the place to begin…

In this seminar, you will have the experience to observe how you view the world and where there are places in how you think that are limiting.  You have the opportunity to recognize the patterns of your everyday life that prevent you from reaching your goals. The seminar lays a foundation to help you understand what is needed to accomplish the goals you set for yourself. You may be surprised by what you are actually doing and how that prevents you from being the best you can be.

An eleven step protocol will be used in this seminar to help you to begin to change your current view of the world so that it aligns with where you really want your life to go. You choose each step that constructs what the mind will follow which countermands the current disadvantageous patterns in your life.

What is the Introduction to the Art of Rewriting Seminar?
by John Worthington – author of “The Office of Shaman”

Mental Arts provides a number of seminars, which are based on the works of John Lilly. One of the most basic seminars is the cleverly named Introduction to the Art of Rewriting Seminar. It’s really a very simple, and at once complicated seminar. It’s simple because it really doesn’t cover much material. It’s complicated because the material it does cover may take weeks or even months to digest.

The seminar is divided into two parts. One part is the communication of information. The information pertains to what an individual requires to be able to complete the second part, which is the actual writing of a program. No, really, actually writing a program. A program that the seminar participant designs and writes for him or her self.

Some of the information one must have to write a program includes the elimination of all manners of blame, and the acceptance of responsibility for one’s own actions and nothing more, or less. It includes defining dichotomies as being non-existent in reality. While there actually are such things as “good” and “bad”, those two concepts are not connected with a bungee chord. The same is true for “right” and “wrong.” In this seminar there are no “right” or “wrong” answers. There are only answers. But answers which tap the origin of where ideas and thoughts begin for any given individual.

The origin of any given thought is treated as just that. An origin. There is no emotional charge placed on the origin and therefore the seminar participant can examine that thought through his/her experiential lenses to see if that thought still serves them, or if that thought may need a bit of upgrading to fit the current reality of the individual.

What follows is the famous Goals/Means program. Do you know that defining a Goal is a terrible challenge for most people? Do you know that defining the Means to achieve that Goal is an even larger challenge? There are eleven statements used in the Mental Arts Goals/Means Program. Each statement represents an abstraction of thought, which is larger than the one previous. So the Goal statement would be a size of thought, then the Means statement would be a correspondingly larger thought, and then the Charisma statement would be even larger and so forth.

The changes wrought by writing a Goals/Means program are thought to be astounding by those who write these programs. We invite you to look into writing your own program at your earliest convenience. There’s no reason for you to continue to be run by a three year old who no longer exists.