Introduction to the Art of Rewriting

It’s been said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.  Yet, that’s exactly what people do when they use the same thoughts and behaviors to approach a goal each time they go at it. Why would anyone do this?  Well, the reason is that the thoughts we use to try to accomplish the goals we set reside outside of awareness. So, it’s no wonder that we run into the same roadblocks again and again.  


Introduction to the Art of Rewriting is the first of our three-part workshop series for learning the tool of programming.  The tool of programming can be used to change those thoughts that have worked against you in accomplishing your goals. In this workshop you will get the experience to observe how you look at the world and where there are places in how you think that limit you.  This workshop will allow you to recognize the patterns in your thinking that stand in the way of accomplishing your goals. You may be surprised by what you are actually doing.  


This workshop also lays a foundation to help you understand what is needed to accomplish the goals you set for yourself.  

An eleven step protocol is used in this workshop to help you to begin to change your current view of the world so that it aligns with where you really want your life to go. You choose each step to constructs what the mind will follow to countermand the current disadvantageous patterns in your life.

This workshop also introduces a set of ideas that you will need to complete a Rewrite (the second part of the three-part introductory series). Before anyone can start making changes in their lives, they first have to realize that they must eliminate blame. They also must understand that they are responsible for themselves. They always have been and always will be. This requires being honest with one’s self about where they are and how they look at the world.

The Introduction to the Art of Rewriting workshop is the beginning of a transformational process of rewriting your view of the world and patterns programmed in your mind from early in life that no longer serve you in the present.