Program Theory and Application


The 3rd part of the introductory series is Program Theory & Application.  Program Theory is a eleven-week live webinar based on the work of the renowned neuroscientist John C. Lilly.  Lilly used flotation tanks to understand how the brain stores and runs programming.  His work was published in his book Programming and Meta-Programming the Human Bio-Computer.  Program Theory dives into Lilly's discoveries.

Program Theory gives participants an opportunity to apply Lilly’s discoveries to themselves.  In each week of Program Theory, participants read a section of John Lilly’s book. During the weekly webinar meeting, the section is presented by the facilitator and participants ask questions.  Participation is an important component to learning. The weekly meetings and the online discussions between each session allows participants the opportunity to apply the concepts to themselves so that they can improve how their thinking machinery operates. 


Participants can take Program Theory at the same time they are working on their Rewrite and Program Theory is often helpful in completing the Rewrite.