Reality Creation Through the Dyad Seminar


Creating Reality in Partnership

The couples/dyad class was designed to give people with little or no background in programming a way to begin to see where the most basic constructs of all relationships reside and what those constructs actually do. The course is an eight-day in house intensive and is held in our Mexican Facilities. We can only accept six couples at a time into this class.

The class work consists of the examination of what some of the world’s greatest thinkers have defined a dyad to be plus field trips and discussion groups designed to demonstrate some of the most common errors that people in a relationship make and the amazingly simple solutions to those common errors. Even though the solutions are simple a couple may have to work a lifetime to incorporate the simple solutions into their dyadic lives. The class provides solutions but can not be a quick fix to the basic beliefs and misconceptions which give rise to the problems which exist in the dyad.

The class is designed to bring the people in the dyad to a point where they can see the solution which will be unique to that set of people. The solution may be for both people to work more diligently within the dyad and the solution may be to recognize the incompatible nature of the people in the dyad. Neither solution can be promoted as the best. Best must be an idea defined by both people in the dyad.


DATE, TIME & LOGISTICS: Check the calendar for upcoming dates.

PREREQUISITE: Participants should have read John Worthington’s The Office of Shaman before taking the class.